Monday, January 24, 2011

Traditional Treasures

  There's so much to appreciate about the historic value of Persian, Caucasian, Bohkhara, Turkman, and Oriental rugs. Not only do the intricate details and design add aesthetic distinction and sophistication to your flooring, each rug- usually hand-crafted from cotton, wool, and silk and died with vegetables and natural plants, is capable of telling its history. Particular patterns and colors were tribal indicators of past owners and ancestors, and certain designs and knot-formatting is often indicative of the rug's origin. Among many cultures and countries in Iran, Pakistan, India, Persia, Armenia, and more- and if well preserved, many of today's Persian rugs have sustained numerous generations dating back 3,000 years. It's a rarity in today's high-tech millennial society that we encounter such rich tradition and craftsmanship. These rugs represent family, history, and culture, and it's never too late to start a tradition of your own with one of these ancient style pieces or other heirlooms!

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