Sunday, March 27, 2011

Opaque Decor

Wall Mounted Teardrop Vase $4.95 via Cb2

Belle Epoque via Marie Claire Maison

3.14 Bookcase via Cb2
I'm absolutely in love with these black and white- fabulously executed, opaque-based interiors as it's very daring to go there! All but the Belle Epoque are images of Berkley House-a Georgian Country Townhouse in Tetbury, England! If you're willing to try the opaque look- remember to contrast with light, bright, and white accessories , mirrored surfaces or chrystal- and splash in some artwork! To see more English Townhouses visit my fabulous source!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fab Feature: Mim Design

Day view- iSpy an Osorom bench by The Future Perfect

Night View- great lighting is essential to maintain your residential aesthetic when the sun sets!

Dining area

Living room in calming grays accenting the bright painting

           This DMH Residence by Mim Design exerts freshness and charm with its sleek surfaces, clean and calming colors, and play on geometrics. Its minimal, with style, detail, and practicality....and iLoveIt!

Here's a bit more from Mim Designs- for your visual pleasure!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Waylande Gregory Bowls

White and Gold Large Chubby Bowl $695

Waylande Gregory White and Platinum Mod Zebra Large Chubby Bowl $350

Waylande Gregory Dancing Horses Bowl $695

Waylande Gregory Mod Zebra Bowl $595

Yellow Zebra $85

Waylande Gregory Blue and Silver Zebra Bowl $85

Turquoise Zebra $85

Waylande Gregory Orange Zebra Bowl $85
Waylande Gregory Gold Circles Bullet Bowl $165

Waylande Gregory Double Anchor Bullet Bowl $105

Waylande Gregory Phoenix and Zebra Bowls $125

Waylande Gregory Turquoise Grid Bowl $625

Waylande Gregory Green Zebra Bowl in Gold or Platinum $85

Waylande Gregory Grid Bowl $425

Waylande Gregory Red Zebra Bowl $85

Behold the Bold with Waylande Gregory's home sculptures and dare to make a statement with classic style and substance! Gregory reigned as one of the greatest American sculptors and was commissioned by creative genius Albert Einstein himself- along with many other notables. Read more about Waylande Gregory and purchase these fab finds at

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Antique Chic: Mixing Old and New

Tufted recycled Suitcase Chair via

Pearsons Textiles from NYDC

Pearsons Blue from NYDC



Barton Sharpe 4 Sided Lantern NYDC

Apropos Metal Cocktail Table

Pearsons NYDC

Gold Leaf Sunburst Mirror via Elements Chicago $250
Pearsons Red Textiles via NYDC


Salvaged Red Suitcase Chair via REcreate
Swivel Barrel Chairs NYDC

Atelier Ottos via NYDC

Kravat Textiles and Fabrics NYDC

Pearsons Reds NYDC

Dransfield and Ross Bluestone Velvet Gate Pillow $190=$258 via Elements Chicago

Pearsons NYDC
Handcock & Moore Editor's Chair NYDC

Chocolate Rocks- Milk Chocolate-filled decorative candy via Elements Chicago- $20
Profiles PX Channel Coffee Table in walnut via NYDC

A collection of antiquesque and modern thrills for your enjoyment and inspiration! Stop by , , and for more products and ideas!