Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Master Bed

This masculine-chic Marbella Round bed in expresso by Z Gallerie is tall, dark, and handsome with its smooth faux leather finish and built-in night tables (One for the remote and one for a cold one)! You'd almost never have to leave! Priced at $1,299.00 and well worth the investment, the Marbella is classic and will definitely outlast your typical IKEA bed, and win some style points with the ladies.

Seating Fit For A Queen

"Go get my Thrown 'cause I don't wanna stop"

This Circa Starlet Banquette by Phyllis Morris will surely motivate and make anyone feel like royalty with its handcrafted cabriole Lucite front legs, curved Lucite back legs and Swarovski crystal buttons in tufts. Place this banquette in the boudoir, your dream closet, or living room for eye-catching allure. See more at


The @ symbol has become a staple of communication in the millennial generation. This unique chair combines tradition & technology, and exudes personality and a little humor while doing so!

Dare to Be Different

Add dare and flare to your room with Squiddy Tables! Contact Judson Beaumont Straight Line Designs at or 604 251 - 9669 for these custom tables and more!

Tutto E' Luce!

Everything is Light with Terzani Zig Zag sculpture lighting! Arrange them as you like and showcase your unique style in your home with this cutting-edge alternative lighting idea! Find more at

Let There Be Light! Let Thou Be Fabulous!

Glamorize your favorite room with this Crystal Candelabra or Golden Safari Chandelier by the fabulous Eva Menz, German designer with extreme style and talent, mixing traditional pieces with modern glamor! For more eye-catching pieces visit

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Have A Seat!

Defy gravity, relive the tranquility of seaside hammocks, and simply lounge in these seating alternatives! Use a hammock similar to the first photo, designed by Patricia Urquiola for a bold, chic, and contemporary look. For light and airy spaces, use a comfortable hammock like the one below in lieu of traditional seating, or place one near a window to enjoy your view as you read, gather your thoughts, make plans, or gab to your friends via telephone! For more hammock ideas visit

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Global Giving

Many of us are beginning seasonal shopping, so let's not forget Haiti and other under-developed nations in the season of giving. Support Haitian artisans by purchasing handcrafted cultural pieces, and those from Rwanda as well, through

Smart Fire

The Zeta by EcoSmart Fire is vent-free and the perfect green alternative to traditional units. This free-standing firebox is fueled by bio ethanol, which produces Heatsteam and Carbon Dioxide. Zeta is well worth the $10,900 as it is completely gas and electricity free! Learn More about EcoSmart Fire and other eco-friendly, chic designs at

Get Cozy With These Fabulous Fireplaces

Turn off your heat and slash your heating bills in half with design-savvy, modern fireplaces like the Heat & Glo Red Series above! Measuring at 40'',60 and starting at $4,499 the Red Series firebox is an ideal for adding warmth and style to your space as the chills of winter are right around the corner. Check out more details on the Red Series and other options at

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Take notes from the jacuzzi bathtub and make your shower the ultimate spa experience with this all-in-one shower, sauna, and steam room. Showers are some of our most soothing daily experiences, and with these extra features: reduce stress, detoxify, and relax as you prepare for your day or bring it to an end. Tris by Ideal Standard International is everything!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Buy Furniture from your iPhone

Be Chic. Be Sleek. Reflect

Add in the sleek finish of mirrors to your space regardless of theme or style. Paneled mirrors, tables, desks, and more will play up color and light, emphasize even the simplest of accents, and create sophistication and symmetry in any room- styles and moods from Art Deco to light and airy. This divine shine will bring out the best in your space- and your face whether you're passing through, or indulging in "me time" and reflection!