Monday, February 28, 2011

Chalkboard Paint!

I absolutely love this bar idea via! A bright color would be fun,and also a perfect place for your friends and visitors to leave signatures and fun messages (keep it PG)!

Get this look with Hudson Paint's chalkboard paint which comes in over 20 colors! Have fun and add flair to your space, label, create "imagination stations" for the kids, or a message board! The possibilities are endless with custom colors and easy application!
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Russian Hill Summit

An Edwardian-era condominium in Russian Hill,  one of those perfect little San Francisco neighborhoods, with diverse building types ranging  from 19th Century cottages to recent Modernism, and a number of classic Edwardian apartment houses. 

Fabulous view of downtown San Francisco and up west Broadway from this top floor apartment

Ultra -neutral living room with built-in shelving units. The shelves surrounding the fireplace creates an ideal focal point for an entertainment/gathering area, this enables accent pieces to be showcased, and reading material to be displayed and used.

This Sanfran apartment is very light and airy, making the most out of the California sun!

Matted framework to accent the walkway

Note the recessed lighting accenting the kitchen walkway and traffic area. [Roman shades in a medium toned green or asphalt blue would be more flattering in this kitchen]

Alternative view of dining room incorporating the downtown scenery

iLove this multi-window bedroom view which I'm sure is breath-taking at night

[via Real Estate Report by Philip Ferrato:]

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fab Fabrics: Madeline Weinrib

Black and White Endless

Silk Westley

Purple Luce

Cement Emma

Hot Pink Luce

Black Turquoise Orleans

Purple Mu

Butternut Wes

Pink Daphne
Lavender Chime

Walnut Luce

Pink Silver Westley

Blue Ikat
Fabulous Fabrics, textiles, wallpaper, custom furnishings, and much more from the multi-talented Madeline Weinrib! Her textile collection covers patterns for every space, from bold and chic to fun and festive. I personally love the ikats which are an interior design industry favorite right now!

Check out more of Madeline Weinrib's Atelier at

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Classic Vision of Luxury: Michel Boyd

Living room featuring 24 K gold plated tiles and fabulous traditional and modern accents

Michel Boyd in his well-executed, visually striking living room
Books placed throughout the home are essential, as they display the inhabitant's interests, sense of humor, and personality, & can make great conversation pieces

Dining area- very clean, sleek and little distractions

Kitchen area

I love the variance of texture here: sleek reflective surfaces with fur accents and linen upholstery

This palette combination is elegant, bringing boldness and flair to neutrals with slate/charcoal -colored drapes, rugs, and wall coverings.

Exemplary creativity with this unique bathroom: the bathtub is atop a platform and the wall opening reveals an element of surprise on the other side. 

The vanity and bathroom sinks are on the other side of the wall. Multiple dimensions and surprises are essential for lofts and urban decor- it wisely negotiates space and adds flair! 

Beautiful and classic Fornasetti wallpaper completely sets this seating area off with its distinct and bold appeal!
This beautiful condo in Atlanta's Historic Old Fourth Ward neighborhood is that of talented designer, Michel Boyd. I saw this feature 2 years ago on and have always shamelessly obsessed over it! It's bold and chic from beginning to end and showcases Boyd's fantastic taste and keen eye for aesthetics!

A few quotes from Boyd's AJC/Sean Drakes interview:
"Designer Michel Boyd's three-level, two-bedroom Old Fourth Ward condo is a showcase of style. "It took me a long time to decide to buy that tile. It's actually 24k gold-plated." Boyd stresses, "I have no children! That tile was an investment. You have to be Bisazza certified in order to install that tile. The installer went on vacation over Christmas and died. I had to get somebody else to finish it," recalls Boyd. "I was like, God, are you trying to tell me I shouldn't have bought this tile

"I say it all the time and I'm going to make enemies, but I love dead animals. It speaks to the luxury, it just does," declares Boyd. "In my guest bedroom, that bolster on that bed is a type of coyote, there's a hide on the floor, the pillow is rabbit; I have Mongolian lamb in my bedroom, and there's some fox in here somewhere." A coyote throw, pictured, warms the great room. "I just ate some chicken and some beef, so there you go!"

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Interior Design Peace from the Far East

The fireplace surround design is based on the Moroccan 8 point star motif

Small living/seating area

Master bedroom wooden door crafted by local artisans

Outdoor seating extension of the kitchen

*Gasp* Beautiful rooftop terrace accents with Kuba cloth pillows and silk saris

Kitchen with traditional tile-work and Musharabi screens

Traditional Moroccan side tables painted in harlequin patterns

Elaborate and vividly-colored master bedroom with ikat coverlet

Vibrant guest bedroom with 8 point star accents

*Gasp* Serene natural pool with papyrus plants and rose geraniums

Ground level poolside lounging area with Afghan Suzani-covered pillows

Beautiful and bold bathroom with an 8 point star-shaped bathtub

The lovely Marrakesh home and cultural classic of fashion designer Liza Bruce and artist Nicholas Alvis Vega. With daring, excellently executed use of color and Middle Eastern accents, Bruce and Vega have transformed their home into an eye-gasmic wonder and aesthetic thrill! Home accents hail from local Moroccan artisans, Ethiopia, Mali, Syria, Mauritania, and beyond- contributing to this authentic ethnic look!

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