Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Green Queen: Eco-Designer Zem Jaoquin

Featuring the Ecofabulous home of California native and environmentally conscious designer, Zem Joaquin
(peep the brass bar-cart in the back, great use of space and convenient)

I love the natural palette of the kitchen and the unique marble back-splash, a great alternative to the popular tiled look

Foot pedals control water flow at the kitchen sink faucet, reducing the amount of water consumed and contributing to sanitation. Get more info at
iSpy a Jonathan Adler piece (Wool zebra rug)! The curtains are beautiful and brilliantly compartmentalize the space- which is great for children who often need to multi-task

This adventurous room is fabulous! The ocean is made of cork flooring in ocean blue and won’t harbor dust mites or other allergens.

A dining room well done, accented with vintage chairs designed by Paul Laszlo via 1rst Dibs
(iSpy espresso Roman shades, and I love them)

This library with mahogany shelving is beautiful, and the silk lavender chairs add the perfect touch of elegance and flair

Zem Jaoquin of Ecofabulous Design was featured in Traditional Homes for her excellent eco-friendly work and activism. For more details read the article at and visit her design site:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kartell Front Page Magazine Stand

                      The Front Page was designed by Front for Kartell in Italy.  Price: $266

Loft Love!

The beautiful courtyard

I'm absolutely obsessed with this Barcelona, Spain loft from top to bottom, inside and out! The color scheme consistency moves from the foyer and entrance of the home to the courtyard in the back and never gets boring or disappoints! The industrial features compliment the authenticity of loft-life without being overwhelming-  there are even hints of glam incorporated, such as mosaic tile details, chandeliers, and Rococo chairs! I'm also loving the hand-painted messages/quotes on the wall! This fabulous loft was designed by Estrella Salietti via 
And F.Y.I., this Loft was renovated from an oily, dirty garage- Oh the wonders of design!

                                                                   XoXo,  Nini

Monday, January 24, 2011

Modern Trend Alert: Fabulous Flooring

                                                               Posh Croc by Flor

                                      Hello Down There, a Bird's eye view of the city- Flor
                                                                     Lattice via Flor
                                                       A Classic Nicky Haslam Interior
                                                             Side by Side via Flor
                                                     Road to Damaskus via Flor
                                                           Feed Your Sole via Flor
                                                            Making Waves via Flor
                                                                   Faux Bois via Flor
Here is a fabulous use of fun/printed tiles via
Sophistikat via Flor

Lighten up and make things interesting with printed floors! In many plain spaces with basic furniture they could be all the drama you need- or be the perfect contrast to another print or high-energy color! Create a tile area to anchor a dining room, which is great for a small space to help make it distinct and seem more separate to the untrained eye! Flor, a great flooring resource features tiles that range from $12.99 per tile to 32.99 per tile, which can be much cheaper than store-bought abstract rugs depending on the size of your project. I'm loving this trend because it brings the drama and excitement- both of which I'm an avid fan!
View and purchase these tiles at

Traditional Treasures

  There's so much to appreciate about the historic value of Persian, Caucasian, Bohkhara, Turkman, and Oriental rugs. Not only do the intricate details and design add aesthetic distinction and sophistication to your flooring, each rug- usually hand-crafted from cotton, wool, and silk and died with vegetables and natural plants, is capable of telling its history. Particular patterns and colors were tribal indicators of past owners and ancestors, and certain designs and knot-formatting is often indicative of the rug's origin. Among many cultures and countries in Iran, Pakistan, India, Persia, Armenia, and more- and if well preserved, many of today's Persian rugs have sustained numerous generations dating back 3,000 years. It's a rarity in today's high-tech millennial society that we encounter such rich tradition and craftsmanship. These rugs represent family, history, and culture, and it's never too late to start a tradition of your own with one of these ancient style pieces or other heirlooms!

Think Pink

With Honeysuckle being the official hue of the year, here is a designer's perspective on pink from the fabulous Kelly Wearstler, whose personal office (above) has become an interior classic:
“Everyone looks good in a pink room,” says Wearstler, who used the hue in her own home office. “The contrast of the Pedro Friedeberg hand chair with the pink Bengal bazaar fabric of the desk chair is whimsical and vibrant.”  See more pink inspiration and hear from other top designers at !

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Design Challenge: Go Green

                                                            Michael Eastman Design
                                                                  Home of Tory Burch
Design and Arrangement by Mary McDonald
                                                                 Kelly Wearstler Design
                                                    Kelly Wearstler for Viceroy Palm Springs
                                                       Fabulous Home of Tory Burch
                                                        Kelly Wearstler for The Viceroy
                                                                via interiordezine

 Merci Beaucoup to the fabulous findings and insight of Heather Clawson of for this interesting perspective of Green! Its a bold yet tres chic choice that's very easy on the eyes and senses.
Green is the feng shui color of renewal, fresh energy and new beginnings. Perfect for the new year! Green color is very nourishing to your health, as it calms your nerves and balances your whole body with its closeness to nature. Embrace color in your decor as it has the power to enhance and inspire!

Sweat the Small Stuff!

Sweat the small things such as simple Thank You Notes, because the little things count most! Being fabulous is a must and means more than looking good- it's about doing good things, especially for those that help us out. A Thank You note or email goes a long way, so keep cute and catchy T.Y.N.s on hand to show your appreciation! These Thanks A Latte and Thank You Very Mocha coffee cups are made by Hallmark, and can be picked up at Target and other Hallmark carriers (Everywhere)!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Etsy Art Obsessions!

                                                             Large Abstract $159
                                           30X20 Absract by Destiny Womack $59
                                                            8.5X11.8 inch  $19
                                                       Peggy Wolfe 8X10  $20
                                                            Original Abstract $80
                                            Fork You by Marianne LoMonaco 10X10 $34
                                                     French Script Tuffet $69
                                      From Paris With Love by Deja Vu Art and Design $88
                                             Recycled Skateboard Ottoman Cube $100
                                                                   8X10 Print $12
                                                                       8X10 $10
                                                      Pygmalion and Galatea 18X24  $100
Sands of Time by Jennifer Leigh 18X24 $159
 Here are some of my favorites over at  Etsy, the eBay of art! There's no bidding, just direct, see & select shopping from thousands of custom artwork and crafts! Etsy offers a platform for craftpersons and consumers to buy and sell their work and creations. Browse everything from custom candles to clothing here at
                                                           Xoxo, Nini