Monday, January 24, 2011

Modern Trend Alert: Fabulous Flooring

                                                               Posh Croc by Flor

                                      Hello Down There, a Bird's eye view of the city- Flor
                                                                     Lattice via Flor
                                                       A Classic Nicky Haslam Interior
                                                             Side by Side via Flor
                                                     Road to Damaskus via Flor
                                                           Feed Your Sole via Flor
                                                            Making Waves via Flor
                                                                   Faux Bois via Flor
Here is a fabulous use of fun/printed tiles via
Sophistikat via Flor

Lighten up and make things interesting with printed floors! In many plain spaces with basic furniture they could be all the drama you need- or be the perfect contrast to another print or high-energy color! Create a tile area to anchor a dining room, which is great for a small space to help make it distinct and seem more separate to the untrained eye! Flor, a great flooring resource features tiles that range from $12.99 per tile to 32.99 per tile, which can be much cheaper than store-bought abstract rugs depending on the size of your project. I'm loving this trend because it brings the drama and excitement- both of which I'm an avid fan!
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