Sunday, January 16, 2011

Etsy Art Obsessions!

                                                             Large Abstract $159
                                           30X20 Absract by Destiny Womack $59
                                                            8.5X11.8 inch  $19
                                                       Peggy Wolfe 8X10  $20
                                                            Original Abstract $80
                                            Fork You by Marianne LoMonaco 10X10 $34
                                                     French Script Tuffet $69
                                      From Paris With Love by Deja Vu Art and Design $88
                                             Recycled Skateboard Ottoman Cube $100
                                                                   8X10 Print $12
                                                                       8X10 $10
                                                      Pygmalion and Galatea 18X24  $100
Sands of Time by Jennifer Leigh 18X24 $159
 Here are some of my favorites over at  Etsy, the eBay of art! There's no bidding, just direct, see & select shopping from thousands of custom artwork and crafts! Etsy offers a platform for craftpersons and consumers to buy and sell their work and creations. Browse everything from custom candles to clothing here at
                                                           Xoxo, Nini

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