Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Handle your business and manage your affairs a la maison! Home offices are hotter than ever as many of us work from home, go into business for ourselves, blog, and other activities! Whether you're being a CEO from home or updating your fashion blog- your space needs to be functional, stylish, and inspiring! Here are some home office essentials and ideas!

  1. Storage and Shelves! Storage just can't be stressed enough! Whether you'd like to create your own DIY project or purchase from retailers, bookshelves and storage bins, shelves, & cabinets will keep your office personals out of sight, out of mind, and showcase your resources!
2. Task Seating and Reception/Lounge Seating. Keep your task chair that promotes good posture and activity tucked underneath or at the side of your desk; and create a lounge area with a chaise or small sectional for breaks or to kick your feet up and bask in a job well done!

3. Vibrant or contrasting vases and decorative figures to add flair and sophistication. These accessories will also give your office space personality. Be careful not to go overboard and consume too much space with too many or overly large ones.

4. Artwork. Apply artwork to your space that is compelling, thought-provoking, and inspirational for those times you're in need of motivation or are drawing a blank! Explore your own talents and create your own wall art.

5. Tech-savvy items that offer maximum proficiency. Ex., this Kensington Keyfolio that helps transform the Apple iPad into a mini laptop, in addition to its touch screen capabilities. It's equipped with a sleek case and bluetooth keyboard and is priced at a low $79.95 http://www.officedepot.com/

6. For At-Home merchants or entrepreneurs on the go, credit and debit card transactions are simpler than ever! The Intuit/Mophie Complete Credit Card Solution slides right over the iPhone and makes transactions anywhere, anytime. Receipts can be emailed or sent to a wireless printer!

Another option with similar capabilities is the Square, which is smaller and offers credit card processing through smartphones. Get more details and read about the wonders of the Square at  http://www.squareup.com/
7. Adjustable Lighting is a key component of the home office. As the times we work on things vary, so does the ambient light. We need control of how much light we use and where we'll need to use it!
8. Place candles and other pleasantries around to create a relaxed atmosphere. Research the Principles of Aromatherapy and find some scents that may appeal to your needs. Peppermint and lemon-based scents are said to stimulate energy and activity!
** Something fun** Place work desks in front of large windows, especially if there is a view to enjoy!

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