Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentines Day For Dummies: What's In A Rose??!

Rose Colors convey deep and various meanings, so here are some pointers to help you express yourself on Valentines Day, or avoid misunderstandings!

Red- Symbolizes passion, love, romance, eroticism, perfection, respect, and beauty. The deeper the red, the more intense the meaning. A single red rose packs a great punch and means "I Love You" and depicts utmost admiration (NOT a good choice for someone you just started dating)

Orange- Symbolizes enthusiasm, desire, fascination, pride, satisfaction of success and strengthened love.

White- Symbolizes purity, innocence, humility, pious, heavenly, silence, sincerity, and youthfulness. White roses are bold, refreshing, and my personal favorite!

Pink- Symbolizes appreciation, gentleness, admiration, grace, gladness, sweetness, and joy. Dark Pink Roses are expressions of gratitude and appreciation and convey, "Thank You."

Lavender- Symbolizes Love at first sight, enchantment, feminism, grace, elegance, and charm. Lavender roses are given to reflect the beauty and grace of those who receive them!

Peach- Symbolizes appreciation, "Closing the Deal", "Let's Get Together", and sincerity. Peach flowers convey a deeper sense of friendship than romance and are ideal for the casual dater to express their "fondness and gratitude" toward their not-so-serious partners

   Coral- Symbolizes desire

   Green- Symbolizes joy and optimism, youth and fortune

Violet- Symbolizes hope, generosity, faithfulness, modesty, passion, humility, respect, and admiration.

Yellow- Symbolizes joy, gladness, delight, Promise of a New Beginning, "I Care", enthusiasm, success and happiness. Use caution because darker yellows convey jealousy, treachery, and pride

Black- (Reserved for Break Ups) Symbolizes farewell, ill wishes and emotions toward the recipient, and unhappy endings...ouch!

Red and White- given together symbolize unity and devotion

Yellow with Red Tip- convey Falling in Love, desire to take things from friendship to relationship

Blue- Symbolizes stability, tranquility, trustworthy, and are perfect for a deep, intimate couple!

Burgundy- has been ironically dedicated in remembrance of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson and his legend. Burgundy also symbolizes unconscious beauty.

A thorn-less rose symbolizes Love at First Sight, and a simple red rosebud is symbolic of purity and loveliness (Ladies do NOT frown or gaze in disgust at a man who gives you a red rosebud)

Two roses entwined together communicate- Marry Me, and 13 roses indicate a secret admirer

For the Non-Traditional Dame:
  • The Amaryllis Flower is symbolic of splendid beauty
  • The Bird of Paradise Flower symbolizes joyfulness and magnificence
  • The Calla Lily, beauty, magnificence, purity and innocence
  • The Chrysanthemum flower symbolizes fidelity, optimism, joy, and long life
  • Daisies indicate purity, innocence, and loyal love
  • Gardenias symbolize purity and sweetness
  • Gladiolus Flowers symbolize strength of character, faithfulness, and honor
  • Iris flowers vary in color and can convey eloquence, wisdom, faith, hope, and passion

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   Xoxo, Nini

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