Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Interior Design Peace from the Far East

The fireplace surround design is based on the Moroccan 8 point star motif

Small living/seating area

Master bedroom wooden door crafted by local artisans

Outdoor seating extension of the kitchen

*Gasp* Beautiful rooftop terrace accents with Kuba cloth pillows and silk saris

Kitchen with traditional tile-work and Musharabi screens

Traditional Moroccan side tables painted in harlequin patterns

Elaborate and vividly-colored master bedroom with ikat coverlet

Vibrant guest bedroom with 8 point star accents

*Gasp* Serene natural pool with papyrus plants and rose geraniums

Ground level poolside lounging area with Afghan Suzani-covered pillows

Beautiful and bold bathroom with an 8 point star-shaped bathtub

The lovely Marrakesh home and cultural classic of fashion designer Liza Bruce and artist Nicholas Alvis Vega. With daring, excellently executed use of color and Middle Eastern accents, Bruce and Vega have transformed their home into an eye-gasmic wonder and aesthetic thrill! Home accents hail from local Moroccan artisans, Ethiopia, Mali, Syria, Mauritania, and beyond- contributing to this authentic ethnic look!

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