Thursday, February 24, 2011

Russian Hill Summit

An Edwardian-era condominium in Russian Hill,  one of those perfect little San Francisco neighborhoods, with diverse building types ranging  from 19th Century cottages to recent Modernism, and a number of classic Edwardian apartment houses. 

Fabulous view of downtown San Francisco and up west Broadway from this top floor apartment

Ultra -neutral living room with built-in shelving units. The shelves surrounding the fireplace creates an ideal focal point for an entertainment/gathering area, this enables accent pieces to be showcased, and reading material to be displayed and used.

This Sanfran apartment is very light and airy, making the most out of the California sun!

Matted framework to accent the walkway

Note the recessed lighting accenting the kitchen walkway and traffic area. [Roman shades in a medium toned green or asphalt blue would be more flattering in this kitchen]

Alternative view of dining room incorporating the downtown scenery

iLove this multi-window bedroom view which I'm sure is breath-taking at night

[via Real Estate Report by Philip Ferrato:]

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