Friday, April 1, 2011

Design Tribute to Dame Elizabeth

This over-sized image of Elizabeth Taylor makes her regal presence omniscient and livens up the room!
Dame Elizabeth poolside chic at her Beverly Hills home

What a fitting addition to a nursery for a starlet in the making!
Pineapple Lamp + Gilded Metal Headboard = Hollywood Glam
Seating Lounge from a tour if Elizabeth Taylor's home
A scene from Last Time I Saw Paris with a fab traditional interior!

Lovely golden wallpaper from Last Time i Saw Paris
La Dame sitting pretty in a foyer

I love this set and this red orange tufted banquette, the bookshelves aside the window, and floral drapes!

Liz dressed as an Odalisque

See more of Elizabeth Taylor's trip to Iran at Architectural Digest
 Here are some fab photos of the illustrious Elizabeth Taylor in a few fab decor settings, as Mi Casa Maison pays tribute to the Grande Dame upon her recent passing. Her legacy includes great style, unmatched poise and beauty, astounding talent, a soap opera love life, and a jewelry collection to kill for!

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